Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Transformations wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of these amazing people. Everything from artistic support to admin paperwork. We’re all creative individuals united by our determination to give you the best experience possible.

Anthony Greentree
Artist  (he/she/they)

My aim is to help everyone grow in their own confidence and wellbeing through creativity. My background is art, graphic design and illustration. I am also a qualified forest school leader. I love the outdoors, permaculture, playing the guitar/recorder and did I say I like to draw?

Dave Mills
Music Leader  (he/him)

Hello my name is David Mills but a lot of people call me Dave or Millsy. I am one of the directors at Media Mania and a trained music leader and youth worker from Coventry. Music and the connections that I have made through music have helped to form my values and beliefs. I am passionate about equality and inclusion and this is at the core of Media Mania’s values too.

Jordan Reading
General Assistant  (he/him)

After being a participant on Transformations for several years, I am now employed by Imagineer. My job involves photographing and scanning work to be stored in a digital archive. I also love helping people visualise their ideas through virtual reality and other innovative means.

Luke Weaver
Music Leader  (he/him)

I’m a music & sound specialist. I produce my own music, under the name Mintakaa, which I perform with my live music project The Mintakaa Collective. I also work as a session musician for various artists and have experience as a sound engineer. I use my skill set to guide others in sound production and music creation. In my free time I love to travel, spend time in nature and I’m fascinated by astronomy and the night sky.

Sarah Jerrard-Dinn
Project Manager  (she/her)

I have a strong background in operations, engagement and facilitation, alongside event and festival production and coordination. As a freelancer I am always looking for creative and engaging ways to design and implement systems that support people and places. I love learning and inspiring others. I have a visual arts background, specialising in sculpture, installation and abstract painting.

Zaine Willmott
Artist  (he/him)

I’m an artist who likes to focus on developing characters and character designs. I mainly work digitally although I also have lots of experience in painting and other traditional forms of artwork. I also like to practice writing stories to further develop my characters.

Illustrations by Zaine Willmott